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Noam has been featured in publications and exhibitions.

The Farm, SOHO
Interview with Noam Hazan, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Northspace

In 2015 Noam Co-Founded Northspace in Downsview, Toronto. Designed for startups and small businesses in mind, Northspace is a coworking space that aims to be a platform that fosters creative collaborations between community members by promoting entrepreneurship, diversity, and work with a social directive.

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Forbes Magazine
The 10 Top Best Coworking Spaces on Earth

Northspace in Toronto, Canada

“As a relatively new city with a fast growing and diverse population, Toronto is becoming a hub of innovation in North America,” says North Space co-founder Noam Hazan. “With easy access to low-risk government financing; initiatives that can get you a coffee with the mayor; and a strong drive by the municipalities encouraging business, it’s no wonder that Toronto is an incredible ecosystem.”

Hazan believes that not enough Torontonians are taking advantage of the infrastructure that has been created around the city to foster new business development. “The issue is that the the general masses still don’t know how much help is actually available, and often how low risk starting a business is compared to 10 years ago…

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#Started, IIDEX Canada 2014
Quadrangle Architects, Herman Miller and Designstor, Toronto 2014

STARTED, a living sketch that came to life through a custom-fabricated metal rod wireframe, bridged the real and the virtual to give each user the opportunity to realize their ideal StartupSpace. Through interactive play, users were invited to create their personalized StartupSpace with real-time 3D modelling and renderings that were projected simultaneously to a tablet in hand and onto a wide-screen wall. Noam was involved in the concept stages and social media marketing.



Little Worlds
Edited by Natasha Sandmeier, London 2014
With essays by Brett Steele, Christopher Pierce, Charles Arsène-Henry, Robert Somol,
Barbara Campbell-Lange and a conversation with Madelon Vriesendorp

Little Worlds documents three years of conversations and projects in Diploma Unit 9’s ongoing enquiry into context. At a time when architecture is trying to redefine itself, the issue of context – how to collect it, make it, shape it, talk about it, and enter one’s architecture within it – is more pressing than ever.


AA Projects Review 2012
Work featured from various students of 2011/2012 

Projects Review offers an overview of the AA’s 2011/12 academic year. Accompanying the school’s end-of-year show, the book features hundreds of drawings, models, installations, photographs and other materials documenting the world’s most international and experimental school of architecture.


The World Dubai Marine Life Incubators: ecoMachines v3.0
Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto, London, 2010

The book contains the architectural design research of the INTER10 Unit at the Architectural Association; alongside the individual design proposals, the book illustrates the parallel methodological and technical background developed within the framework of the Unit and in a series of dedicated workshops. Full coloor images and accompanying text illustrate in detail the drawings, the diagrams, the models and the testing prototypes developed during the year long project.


Shelter Dubai, Coral Gardens,
AArchitectural Association, EcoLogic Studio & American Univeristy, Dubai 2011

Titled Coral Gardens the show raised two important questions: can architecture claim new roles in a period of economic and ecologic turmoil? Can architects contribute by developing new spatial and material practices for the re-functionalisation of the urban landscape?