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Lake Simcoe Cottage

A 5 bedroom, super-modern, custom waterfront home, located on Lake Simcoe. The clients brief required that the house should be “something between a car showroom and a cottage”. Working back from the orientation of the site and it’s proximity to the water, the house is oriented towards the natural sun path maximizing the daylight throughout the year. A large open concept ground floor is overlooked from a mezzanine upper floor which leades to the access of the bedrooms. The relationship between both floors unifies the house and creates a focal point in the communal areas. Large glazing allows the residents to have a constant view of the lake, with an almost seamless feeling between the interiors and garden. The master bedroom is more private and is projected towards the lake, with a ‘full screen’ view of the water. The canopy created by the projected bedroom results in a large covered outdoor area. The project is currently on hold until further notice.