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The Room & The City

The 3RD Floor, The rereading of the Hermitage within the city has enabled experimentation towards a new environmental paradigm intended to question the way in which art is exhibited in the 21st century. Inverting the Room into the city not only provokes us to examine the current situation but also triggers a new debate about the relationship we have with our own art. Whether in London, NY or St Petersburg the artwork that fills our galleries are centralised and contained. Fragmenting the artwork in the city collapses the physical distance between 2 realities. The introduction of these masterpieces into daily routine will no doubt have its effects, whether it is immunity to them or inspiration from them. But whatever it may be, should they be locked in a museum where access is restricted or liberated to the city, where they can be consumed? Robert Smithson once said “Artists themselves are not confined, but their output is” and THAT should definitely be challenged.